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Why Buying Used Parrot Cages Cheap May Be Bad for Your Bird

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Used Parrot Cages Cheap Caring for birds, especially parrots, properly is not a cheap endeavor. The expense of keeping birds can cause many bird owners to seek out cheap new or used bird cages. However, the price should not be your main concern when buying a cage. In fact, you should view any cheap bird cage with suspicion that it may not be best for your bird.

There are many reasons why buying used parrot cages cheap may be bad for you bird.

Cheap bird cages for sale are often old and not safe or large enough for the bird you intend to house in the cage. Older bird cages tend to be round, wrought iron, have peeling powder coating (or worse—peeling paint), or have ornate decorative features. All features you do not want in a bird cage.

With round bird cages, the bars at the top of the cage start wide and then become very narrow. This poses a risk of injury or death to the parrot if a wing, leg, or neck becomes stuck in the top of the cage. Round cages also tend to be too small and are difficult to put a decent amount of perches and toys into.

Wrought iron cages can lead to metal toxicity in parrots causing the bird to feather pluck and have overall poor health. This happens when the parrot uses its beak to move around the cage or constantly mouths the cage bars and ingests the metal in the wrought iron. The same health problems can occur with cages that are painted or the powder coating is peeling off the bars.

Decorative bird cages can have too many nooks and corners for a bird to get a nail or toe caught in.

For the health of a parrot or any other bird, you want a powder-coated or stainless steel bird cage that shows no signs of rust or peeling. Wide square or rectangular shaped cages (not tall) are best for giving birds enough space, perches, and toys.

Second Hand Bird Cages                        

Cheap used bird cages can certainly give you a break on the housing of your parrot. However even if the cage meets all the requirements for a bird, such as being spacious, powder-coated or stainless steel, and longer than it is tall, it can still be hazardous to your bird’s health. If you are considering a used bird cage, ask why the person is selling the cage. If the answer is because their bird died, you must ask how that bird died and if a veterinarian confirmed the cause of death. If the parrot had a transmittable disease, it is possible that the virus or bacteria is still living on the cage and can pass to your parrot. If the seller cannot confirm through an avian veterinarian that the parrot died of a non-contagious disease, you are taking a risk buying the cage.

If you have found a good used bird cage for cheap, do scrub it with soap and water and then sanitize it with a bleach-water solution before putting your bird into the cage.

Cheap Bird Cages for SaleCheap Bird Cages for Sale in Stores

You can find cheap new bird cages for sale in pet stores and online. However, these cages are often poorly made and much too small. The general rule for cage sizing is that a bird should be able to spread its wings fully and then turn around completely in its cage. For example, the wingspan of a blue and gold macaw is about 40 inches. That means a blue and gold macaw needs a cage that measures at least 40 inches in width and 40 inches in depth. They also need a cage that they cannot chew through or dismantle. If you have found acheap bird cage for a macaw brand new, then it is likely too small and/or will be reconfigured by your bird. A new macaw cage should cost at least $500, but closer to $1000 would indicate it’s of superior quality.

A Tip for Buying Good Used Bird Cages

California Cages and Kings Cages come highly recommended for parrots and other birds. These are well made, powder-coated, and tend to survive parrot abuse for many years. If you can find one of these parrot cages for cheap or used that meets all the criteria of a good parrot cage, then you have found a good deal.

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