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What to Donate to Animal Shelters

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What to Donate to Animal SheltersLocal pet shelters for cats and dogs usually run on a shoestring budget with little room for flexibility. Donations to animal shelters do more than make things a little easier; they often keep the shelter doors open. You can donate to animal shelters without even leaving your computer.  Many of best things to donate to animal shelters can be ordered online and shipped directly to your local cat or dog shelter.

Send Money

Just as with any charity, money is always useful and likely to be put to good use. Caring for dogs and cats is exceptionally expensive. From food to housing to veterinary care, there is often little left over for extras.


If you don’t have extra cash to send, consider creating your own fundraiser amongst friends. Gather donations of cash and supplies and deliver them yourself.

animal shelter donation ideasGive Dog and Cat Supplies

There’s no end to this list. Think of all the supplies you use for your dog or cat and the shelter could use those too. This includes, dog beds, cat beds, litter pans, cat litter, dog food, cat food, grooming supplies, dog toys, cat toys, leashes, scratching posts, harnesses, blankets, towels, treats, kitten milk replacer, and much more. Donations of used items will be greatly appreciated only if the item is clean and in mostly new condition. Don’t give your ripped, torn, dirty, or expired used pet supplies—just throw those out. And of course, anything new will be celebrated. New items are rare at pet shelters. To make it easy, shop online and ship the items directly to the shelter.

Gift Cards

Have an unused gift card? Send it to the pet shelter. Gift cards that can be used by an animal shelter are gift cards to pet stores, grocery stores, and any general retailer that carries pet supplies. If the organization is having a fundraiser, they may be able to use restaurant and clothing store gift cards as prizes.

how to help animal sheltersVeterinary Medical Supplies

Local pet shelters will go through a lot of veterinary supplies in the care of the cats and dogs. Many of these supplies can be purchased over the counter. Items that can be donated include flea and tick medication, bandages, pet ear cleaner, and latex gloves. The shelter may also be able to use any of your pet’s left over medications that have yet to expire. Contact the shelter for a more specific list.

Office Supplies

The focus of the pet shelter is of course, the pets. However, a lot of office work goes on behind the scenes to make that shelter run. Computer paper, pens, pencils, and other general office supplies are always running low. Many can also use larger office items. Contact the shelter if you have a computer, printer, or copy machine to donate.

Volunteer Your Time

In some rural areas, paid staff to care for the animals is considered an extra expense that can’t be met. Most local pet shelters rely on some volunteer help. Many rely completely on volunteers. The jobs available to volunteers will include administrative, adoption counseling, dog walking, cage cleaning, and dog training. If you have a couple of hours a week to spare, become part of your local animal shelter and donate your time to animal shelters.


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