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What Gets Rid of Cat Urine Smell?

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Not only do you want to get rid of cat urine smell immediately to remove the offensive smell, you need to prevent your cat or neighbor cats from returning to mark the same spot. And you do have to remove the cat urine, not cover it up with other smells. Any leftover scent will only attract cats.

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what gets ride of cat urine smellFeline Odor Neutralizer (FON) – One of the Best Cat Urine Enzyme Cleaners

F.O.N is one of the best cat pee enzyme cleaners. Saturate the area with urine and let it sit and the urine is broken down and gone. What’s left to clean up then is only the enzyme cleaner. Do read the instructions carefully. If you use any other soap or cleaner before F.O.N. it will not work. This can get rid of cat urine on anything including clothes when added as a laundry cleaner. But it’s most helpful for cleaning areas where the urine has soaked in and you cannot washing it completely, such as on carpet, flooring, concrete, or even walls and drywall.


OxyClean works well on anything that you can soak and then wash and rinse well, such as clothing or rugs that you can take outside and hose off. Mix the OxyClean powder with warm water per the instructions and let the item soak for several hours. Then rinse and wash as you normally would. If you have a front loading washing machine, soak the clothes in a bathtub or other plastic tub before washing.

Does Vinegar Get Rid of Cat Urine?

Vinegar to remove cat urine is often advised. However, compared to any enzyme cleaner or OxyClean  vinegar really does not get rid of feline urine smell. It just ends up combining the smells.

best cat urine black lightCan’t Find the Cat Urine Spot to Remove It?

Use a black light in the dark to detect cat pee spots.

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