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Wading Pools for Dogs Large and Small

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Wading pools for dogs can keep your dog cool, entertained, and hopefully keep them out of your pool. Since dog toenails can rip and tear a lightweight backyard pool, you do want one that is more durable, but also still easy to dump out and clean. These are some of the top selling and highest rated dog wading pools for sale on Amazon.



Bone Shaped Dog PoolBone Shaped Dog Pool

This has to be the classic canine pool. Not only is the shape perfect for any pooch, it is made of sturdy truck bed liner material to survive dogs and UV light. It will last for several summers. It does have a drain on the boot and many owners have used this to build an in-ground pool for their pup.

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small dog poolSplash About Dog Pool

These  come in small, medium, and large sizes. They are made of PVC, but are still soft enough that you can fold them for storage or even to travel with. There is a drain on the side so you don’t have to pick up the pool to empty all the water out. The large and medium sized pools have a 11.8 inch height. The small height is shorter for small dogs at 8 inches.


dog poolThe Dog Paw Print Pool

This is hard sided and made of the same material truck bed liners are made of. But it does still bend without breaking making it easier to tip over when filled with water to drain it. It does not have a drain, but it does not hold so much water that you can’t tip it over—unless you have a back problem. In that case, choose a pool with a drain such as the Splash About Dog Pool. This is best for medium and small sized dogs. An extra large breed dog such as a Newfoundland or Great Dane would not fit comfortably laying down in this one.

pool for dogsLivestock Tank

One option is to use a stock tank as a pool for your dog. You can find these in any number of sizes. If you are buying a large one, do make sure it has a drain plug. When the big deep ones are filled, it can be impossible for one person to tip it over to empty out the water.


wading pool dogsKids Pool for the Dog

Another option is to buy a hard-sided plastic kids pool to give to your dogs. This one by Ste2 Play has 37.5-inch tall sides making it a good height for small and medium dog breeds to easily get into. It also comes with an umbrella to shade your canine.



sandbox dog poolSandbox

Just like the kids pool these are hard plastic and sturdy enough to withstand chewing and dog toenails. Sandboxes also tend to have low sides making them a good choice for small dogs.

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