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Unique and Cool Betta Fish Tanks

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According to the University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web, betta fish, aka Siamese fighting fish, in the wild live in shallow waters that are stagnant or flow very slowly. During the dry season, their ponds may dry up leaving them only a small patch of moist mud to survive in until the rainy season returns.

As pets, betta fish have been bred for their colors and long fins. As long as they have space to move and stretch their fins without bumping into walls or decor, a plant to hide in, and clean water, they can be quite comfortable in these cool betta tanks. However, the males do have to be kept by themselves or they will fight. These are some unique and cool betta fish tanks that you and your fish will enjoy.

Betta Fish TanksThe Betta Falls Desktop Fish Tank

Three separate tanks allow you to keep 3 different betta separated in one aquarium. As each tank is set lower than the other, the water flows slowly over the top creating a peaceful waterfall. This is an all in one tank, complete with a filter and room for a heater. The dividers between the fish are frosted so they are not stressed by their neighbors. Within each tank is enough room for a small plant and gravel.

The one drawback is the pump can make the water flow too strong for Siamese fighting fish. Keep it at the lowest setting and don’t run it all the time to solve this. To give your betta a break from the flowing water, you can plug it into a timer so the pump is not on 24/7.

best tank for betta fishAqua Farm Ecosystem Fish Tank

Grow herbs for cooking and give your betta a roomy home with this 3-gallon fish tank. The plants on the roof of the tank create a natural ecosystem. The fish waste feed the plants while the plants help filter the water. Make sure you read the instructions fully before setting this tank up fish and all. The system is designed to develop a healthy cycle without constant water changes, so follow the directions for best results. Also it helps to understand the nitrogen cycle in a fish tank  before setting this up.

siamese fighting fish aquarium360 Degree Aquarium

This tank is larger than it looks in the picture. It holds 2.65 gallons of water. The design is unique in that you can see the fish from almost all around the tank. It has it’s own filter that pulls water from the bottom of the tank and circulates it back into the tank from the top. It’s a gentle flowing nearly silent filter. Behind the filter is space for a heater if needed. The extra cool feature of this tank is the colored LED lights for nighttime viewing.

Do note, this does not come with the décor as pictured – those are sold separately.

Video of the 360 Degree Aquarium with a Betta Fish

Wall Mounted Fish Tank1-Gallon Wall Mounted Fish Tank

This is another tank that looks smaller in the pictures than it really is. It will hold a gallon of water with enough space for gravel and a plant, even a snail if you want. Do make sure you secure the tank to the wall so there’s no doubt it won’t fall.

This video shows how to set up the wall mounted fish tank for a betta. It has some great ideas for decorating too.

Cleaning Tip for Small Betta Tanks

These smaller tanks can’t be cleaned with a long aquarium vacuum hose. Instead, buy a turkey baster to suck out water and debris from the bottom. Also, adding a live plant will help provide some natural filtration for the water. Click here to learn about growing live aquarium plants.

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