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Top 10 Cat Toys

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Wondering what to get your cat or kitten to keep him or her active and healthy? These are the top 10 cat toys with rave reviews from cats, kittens, and their owners. What you will notice is most of these best cat toys are cheap and simple.

#1. The Cat Dancer

The #1 top selling cat toy on Amazon for 2013 is just a simple and cheap piece of fabric on a plastic wand. Yet many pet owners and cats say they cannot live without one. Many say their cat will only play with this cat toy and to forget the more expensive options. The Cat Dancer now comes in a rainbow of colors.

top 10 cat toys catnip mice#2 Skittering Mice

A classic cat toy. Here you get 3 mice filled with catnip. Each mouse has a different texture and long tail. The do not have bells or anything else inside them to make noise. The only problem with these is that overzealous cats can rip open these mice.

springs cat toy#3. Springs Cat Toy

This is one of the best cat toys you probably have never seen. And simple and cheap too! These are just plastic springs. Cats bat these around and give chase as they bounce in unpredictable directions. Most will probably end up collecting under furniture, so buy several bags for when your cat loses this favorite toy to the black hole under your couch.
Cat Catcher Toy#4. The Cat Catcher Toy

Again, a top spot goes to cheap and simple. This toy by the makers of the Da Bird cat toy has a mouse at the end of a braded wire attached to a wand. The design makes the mouse bounce and jerk around unpredictably much like a cat’s natural prey would.

Cats Meow as seen on tv#5. The As Seen on TV Cat’s Meow Yellow Undercover Mouse

This has a moving mouse that darts under a circular pieces of fabric. A great choice if you want to get your cat moving without being involved. Keep a stash of C batteries on hand so your cat is not disappointed when the batteries run out.

hagen kitten toy#6. Hagen Play Circuit

This is the advanced version of the ball in a track. A light touch to the ball and away it goes stimulating your cat to chase and try and pull the ball out of the circuit. Kittens especially like these toys and may spend much of their day attacking the ball.

da bird kitten toy#7 Da Bird Cat Toy

Every kitten needs a Da Bird. On the end of the string are a variety of feathers that turn cats into gymnasts when twirled through the air.


crinkcle cat tunnel#8. The Crinkle Tunnel

Another must have for every kitten, the crinkle tunnel. This one is cheap and nicely lined for cats to nap in after a long day of playing. However, you may want to hide this toy at night. It can be rather loud and startling when your cat runs through it at nigh.

top 10 cat toys arch brush as seen on tv#9 Arched Cat Bruch

Cats love the feel of the bristles on this arch. Owners love seeing less cat fur floating around the house and on the couch and carpets. Put some catnip on the carpeted base and your kitty will start to rub. The bristles catch any loose fur. The picture makes it look smaller than it is. Medium sized cats can fit through the arch just fine. Large cats can rub on the outside of the arch.

banana catnip toy#10. Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

This is the only stuffed toy to make the list. It comes filled with organic catnip. The texture and shape also seem to get a cat going kicking and biting their kill. Well-loved Banana Catnip toys don’t last long – so buy several, especially if you have more than one cat.

Safety Tip

Always supervise your cat with any toy. With any toy, it is possible for a cat to eat pieces they shouldn’t or get tangled in long strings. No toy is 100% safe for any animal.

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Updated October 2015

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