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The Never Ending List of Crazy Pet Costumes for Dogs and Cats

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No cliché hot dog dog costumes here. The hysterical, hilarious, cheesy, and costumes that just make you say huh?

Movie Star Marilyn Monroe Dog Costume

Make your dog a movie star with eye catching features.



Sun Costume for DogsSun Costume for Dogs

You are my sunshine, my only…   Awwww. For sunny happy dogs only.



Pirate Dog Costume

Pirate Dog Costume

This costume covers all the pirate clichés. A parrot, pirate hat, hook, and patch over the eye. Yep, your dog will LOVE this.




Dinosaur Raptor Costume for DogsDinosaur Raptor Costume for Dogs

A scary dinosaur eating your little dog’s head. Reviewers say it’s a very well made costume, but does run a bit big. The fabric dinosaur must like dog heads it can swallow whole. One of several in the Animal Planet pet costumes line.



Submarine Costume for DogsSubmarine Costume for Dogs

Umm ok. For the naval enthusiast?



Cowboy Dog Rider CostumeCowboy Dog Rider Costume

Perfect for dogs as big as a horse. The cowboy actually bucks up and down as your dog walks. Even funnier when he runs. Add some bull horns and you have a cowboy on a bucking bronco.



Triceratops Dog CostumeTriceratops Dog Costume

Come on, admit it. You laughed at that picture. And that’s why you need this dinosaur dog costume.




Butterfly Costume for DogsButterfly Costume for Dogs

Well now you just want your dog to be laugh at rather than laughing with him. The monarch butterfly wings are classy. The hood however, makes your feel a little sorry for the guy.



Tortoise Dog CostumeTortoise Dog Costume

Got a slow old dog? Tortoise costume!




Skunk Dog CostumeSkunk Dog Costume

For the little stinker pooch in your house. Definition of “stinker” left up to you.




Stegosaurus Dog CostumeStegosaurus Dog Costume

Now this is a dinosaur costume a tough 10-pound dog can really get into and express himself.  Although from the front it does turn into a dinosaur with four eyes.


Headless Horseman Dog Rider CostumeHeadless Horseman Dog Rider Costume

What more is there to say? You just can’t beat a headless horseman riding your dog on Halloween night.






Dorothy From Wizard of Oz Costume for DogsDorothy From Wizard of Oz Costume for Dogs

Again, admit it. You giggled. Comes in extra large, so you don’t need a Toto-sized dog to dress your dog up as the lost signing Kansas girl from the Wizard of Oz. Although, really it’s the cute braids that make this costume. So if your dog objects to the blue picnic print dress, the wig is enough to get some laughs.



Bacon Dog CostumeBacon Dog Costume

Bacon. Bacon. Baconbaconbaconbacon…BAAACOOON! Ok, other than this costume putting a commercial in your head, not really sure what the draw is. First, you will probably have to explain what your dog is dress up as. Second, ummm bacon is the best you could come up with?



lobster costume for dogsThe Guess What I Am Dog Costume

No, not the devil. Sponge Bob’s little known sidekick, Lassie the Lobster?

I’m a lobster! Can’t you tell? Claws, googlie eyes, antennae, lots of legs….



king costume for dogsKing Dog Costume

Every royal dog deserves a royal costume.




Bat Dog CostumeBat Dog Costume

Every black dog needs a bat costume. Not sure what this Corgi thinks he’s doing in a bat costume.




Dino Flinstones Dog CostumeDino Flinstones Dog Costume

Ok, should have made you guess this one. Either way, cute and pink!




Jockey Dog Rider CostumeJockey Dog Rider Costume

For the dog with the heart of a greyhound, a jockey that bounces up and down on your dog’s back as he runs.



Costumes for Cats

And now for the cat costumes. Not sure how to dress your cat up? Check out this book for tips. (Yes there is a book on how to dress up your cat!)

Crown Hat with Robe for CatsCrown Hat with Robe for Cats

A cat who has earned his royal status should show it in style. Ignore the fact that the cat in the marketing photo looks royally p*%$#% off.





Sheep Cat CostumeSheep Cat Costume

Simple and cute. Now that cat looks happier…..doesn’t he?






Devil Costume for CatsDevil Costume for Cats

This is a devil cat costume with style. And it’s worn by a cat who’s proud to be showing his inner nature. Or is it that it just looks that way because you can’t see his ears folded flat against his head?




Cow Costume for CatsCow Costume for Cats

Awww. Cow hat, pink horns, pink bowtie. Couldn’t be cuter.



Little Miss Sunshine Cat CostumeLittle Miss Sunshine Cat Costume

Sunny yellow spring hat paired with a pastel spring colored clown’s collar? Perfect for the next tea party your kitty gets invited to.





Click here for Pet Halloween Costumes Just for Cats to Wear!

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