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The Milk Jug Stuffed Animal Dog Toy

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An empty milk jug may be one of the best cheap dog toys that makes noise. It makes a fabulous crinkling sound and can be squeezed and tossed, keeping dogs happy and playing for hours. However, some dogs may get too aggressive and once they break and rip the plastic, it can cut their gums causing them to bleed. That makes this milk just stuffed animal toy a brilliant invention!

This comes in a brown chicken, pink pig, or white and black sheep empty animal. Through an opening on the bottom, you stuff the toy with a milk jug (empty and rinsed preferably). Then your dog can play and crinkle the jug without the risk of cutting his gums if the plastic cracks. And of course, it’s a much cuter toy to have your dog running around the yard with. With a just an empty milk jug, it just looks like your dog got into the garbage and you didn’t clean up after him.

A great toy for large breed dogs, or small dogs with large dog attitude. If you have a heavy chewer, don’t leave them unsupervised with this toy. It is not indestructible.


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