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The Best Laser Lights for Cats

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What’s the best laser lights for cats? One that goes on the collar and travels with your cat! A great and easy way to exercise or simply drive your pet nuts. The Petmate laser lights for cats attaches to a breakaway collar. It comes with several light design choices such as a heart, bug, and butterfly. Turn the light on and a little laser light shape bounces around in front of your pet.

Do you need to buy a laser light cat toy for the collar?

For your pet to get much needed exercise and your own entertainment, you do need to buy the Petmate automatic laser light toy. Just don’t leave it on the collar 24/7 or you may make your cat neurotic. And it’s not just for cats. Check out the dog chasing a laser light on his pet collar video below! It does seem to run out of batteries fast, but still gets 3 stars for the fun.

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