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The Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding

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Many use horse boots instead of shoes. Hoof boots are protection for the barefoot horse and an alternative for metal horseshoes. They are also used if the horse has thrown a shoe, and can be used over a shod hoof. Hoof boots are popular for trail or other riding over rough or slippery ground. These protect the shod or unshod hoof from injuries or disease. Check sizing as sizing does vary between manufactures and styles. You will need to measure your horse’s hoof and check the size chart to make sure you get a good fit.

Do note that most sell individual hoof boots rather than as a set. Pricing is usually for one boot.

Here are some of the best horse boots for trail riding:

hoof boots for horsesEasyCare Easyboot

This Easyboot uses a tread design that works over a wide range of ground conditions. A heavy duty front shield protects the hoof area that takes the most abuse and a double velcro attachment protects the sides. This is recommend for moderate use up to 25 miles per week. It is available in a variety of sizes. Attention is needed when putting on the hoof so that the boot doesn’t move on the hoof.

horse boots instead of shoesCavallo Simple Hoof Boot

Cavallo does sell this black Simple Hoof style boot in pairs. This boot comes in 7 sizes, from size 0 to size 6, and is easy to size and put on. The Simple Boot has leather uppers and lowers that give superior traction on rough trails. These stay on well in water, sand, mud and other terrains, yet are easy to take off.

Cavallo also makes a similar boot in a sport style all terrain trail riding. Like other Cavallo boots, this is easy to size and put on the horse. The sole design incorporates a heel, or skid, brake. The sole absorbs shocks so the horse doesn’t have to. This light weight boot comes in 6 sizes and sold in pairs. Shaped for the natural foot, sport boots don’t require shims or inserts. Users report they are easy to put on and take off.

You can see a review of the Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot and how to put it on your horse in this video:

best horse boots for trail riding

Cavallo boots such as this one are one of the most popular brands due to their high quality.

Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot

This Cavallo Trek is advertised to be easy to put on and take off. The Trek is lightweight and breathable because of the mesh design. Treks fit either the left or right hoofs and they are a good fit for narrow hoofed horses. The Slim Sole is Cavallo’s top of the line hoof boot. They do run on the small size, and many say they need to order one size up.

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