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The Best GPS Dog Collars for Hiking and Camping

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Does your dog wander off and cause you grief? Does your pet have a habit of not returning for hours, or days? Do you take him to areas with tall grass or limited visibility? If so, one of these best GPS dog collars may be just the ticket. These are better than driving or hiking around aimlessly looking for your pet. They will give a clue as to his location using the GPS satellite tracking system. These units fit onto a collar and send the dog’s location back to the small, hand held GPS receiver. Because they do not rely on sending a signal to a Smartphone as some dog tracking collars do, you can find your dogs in areas without cell phone services.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System Review

The RoamEO is about 8.2 x 9.5 x 2.1 inches. Batteries and charger are included. The RoamEO shows your pet’s location up to one half a mile away. This unit works best for dogs bigger than a beagle. It is a little bulky and heavy for smaller dogs.

Best gps dog collarGarmin Astro 220 Tracker for Dogs Review

The Garmin Astro sends your dog’s location to the receiver every 5 seconds. It has a fluorescent orange collar to attach the sender and battery pack. The Garmin is 12.5 x 4.5 x 12.2 inches. It requires 2 AA batteries. On flat terrain, this will track up to seven miles. It is a line of sight unit, so tracking on hilly terrain is a shorter distance.

The kit includes a carrying case for the GPS unit, the DC 40 wireless transmitter collar, an AC adaptor, car charger, USB cable, and a belt clip and wrist strap to easily carry it with you.

If you need a GPS collar for dogs that sends information to your Smartphone of iPad, then the Tagg Pet Tracker is one of the best and a top seller.

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