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The Best Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Timer: The Super Feeder Review

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Having the ability to feed small amounts to your cat all day, without your involvement, can diminish the annoy habits that cats develop when they want to be fed, without over feeding them. It doesn’t take long for your feline to learn that the auto cat feeder spits out the food and you are not needed at feeding time. Annoying behaviors, such as meowing at you hours before feeding time and waking you before the alarm clock, will stop after using an automatic pet feeder for several weeks. It also allows you to feed your cat when you are at work.

What is the Super Feeder?

This automatic pet feeder has a name fit for a luxury car and a price tag to go with it. At around $150 to $200, you might at first think twice before buying this one. However, this automatic cat food dispenser lives up to its price tag.

It’s fully customizable with features that allow you to change the opening size depending on the size of the kibble you feed, fine tune how much to feed at once, and go fully automated for those that are more tech savvy. And it’s reliable.

Even with all these features, it takes only a few minutes to set up and you don’t need a computer degree to understand the instructions for setting the timer and dispenser. You should however, watch the video for set up instructions as it does come with several parts.

Cat Proof and Wildlife Proof?

The lid is screwed on and the opening where the food comes out is well designed so cats cannot get the food out with their paws. However you don’t need a screwdriver to open the lid every time for a refill – simply squeeze the container under the lid from both sides and the lid pops out. As long as your cats don’t work in tandem, they should not figure this trick out.

The manufacturers do claim this automatic pet feeder is also wildlife proof and that you can keep this outside to feed your cats. My years of experience with wildlife however must disagree with this claim. Put this in reach of any raccoon and you’ll simply have provided him with a puzzle feeder with a reward of free food.


You can buy extra canisters and stack them one on top of the other or buy the 1.5 gallon hopper for extra food storage.

The Timer

What’s unique about this feeder is that it does not have an internal timer. For those that have gone through several of the less expensive feeders because the timer stops working, you will see the genius of this set up.

Instead with your feeder, you can get a digital or analog timer. You plug your timer into the outlet and the feeder’s power cord into the timer. You then set the timer to your desired settings. If the timer stops working, it’s a simple fix to replace, and a cheaper fix than replacing the entire unit.

If you need more control, you can connect it to a home automation system and even control your cat’s feedings with your smartphone.

Setting the Dispenser

How much food is dispensed is set on the feeder by using a small flathead screwdriver to turn a small screw. You do have to test after each adjustment to see how much food you have it set for. Each turn of the screw increases the amount of time the dispenser stays open to allow food to drop out.

You’ll Need an Electrical Outlet

This comes with a power cord so you do have to place the feeder near an electrical outlet. However, you never have to worry about the batteries running out or slowing down and your cat not getting fed. Unless the power goes out, your feeder will continue to work.

CSF-3 Cat/Small Animal Super Feeder Bonus Features

This feeder is not just for cats. It is customizable and can be used to feed fish, dogs, and other small pets. It does not need the bowl to rest on. You can mount it to a wood post and put it anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Many pet owners have customized this feeder with longer tubes to funnel the food outside through cat doors and other specially made feeding areas.

Warnings for Using an Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Timer

Using an auto feeder is convenient for when you need to go out of town. However, it is still advisable that you have someone check on your pets at least once a day to ensure the feeder is working and your cats are getting fed. Also, check the feeder daily to see that the food level is going down and it is functioning properly.

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