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Pet Halloween Costumes for Cats to Wear

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Despite their regal bearing and obvious distain and indifference, cats may like Halloween also. There are pet Halloween costumes for cats to wear that they may tolerate. Even if your feline isn’t amused, your guests and visitors will be. Egyptian Cat Costumes...

Halloween Toys for Pets

  • Rated: 4.5

Hide a Toy Pumpkin Help your dog celebrate Halloween. This has a squeaky ghost and a squeaky bone to hide inside. It gives your dog something to do to retrieve the toys. The pumpkin is 8.5 x 6 x 6 inches and...

3 Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Elvis Costume Halloween Costume for Dogs If your dog is outgoing and likes to be the life of the party, then let him party like the king. The flashy jumpsuit copy and red scarf are good copies of the real thing. The...