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Starting a Dog Boarding Business? Make Your Kennel a 5-Star Doggie Resort

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dog boarding businessWhen starting a dog boarding business, you need more than just a kennel and some dog food. To stand out above the rest, you need to provide more than just food and water. Putting their dog in a kennel while away on vacation or business shouldn’t make an owner nervous about the care of their beloved dog. When owners tour dog kennels and other boarding facilities, they will quickly learn that not every dog kennel is equal. Some stand out among the rest as providing 5-star service to the pooches in their care. Here are some ways to make your kennel or boarding facility stand out.

Good Air Quality

When you first walk into a dog kennel, the first breath you take inside can immediately tell you if you’ve walked into a quality facility or one that should have you walking away. A 5-star facility will smell like dogs, but should not have a stench of accumulated urine or feces.

Have Climate Control

Not all dogs can tolerate the elements. Older dogs, dogs dealing with a chronic health condition, and some breeds need a climate-controlled environment. Dog kennels that go above and beyond will have a climate controlled kennel section for these dogs.

Separate Big Dogs and Small Dogs

Small dogs tend to be nervous Nellies, especially if they are not used to co-habitating with dogs that tower over them. To accommodate these dogs, care should be taken to house the big dogs separately from the smaller dogs.

Provide Special Elderly and Medical Care

Provide elderly pets will be cared for with the reverence they are due and you will win the loyalty of your clients. Make accommodations for dogs that need special furniture to rest comfortably or other care. You and your staff should be comfortable and trained in giving medications. And have a veterinarian on call to evaluate any dog in the event of an emergency.

Provide Play Time and Walks

Dogs shouldn’t be left in a small kennel and cared for as if they are being stored away until their owner comes to pick them up. Playtime and walks out of the kennel cage should be offered to each dog, even if it’s at an additional cost. If you have the space, have large areas fenced off to allow dogs to run and play freely and maybe even go for a swim.

Hiring Staff

There’s more to taking care of multiple dogs than just enjoying canines. Collectively the staff should have an impressive and extensive resume. This should include experience and education in animal behavior, dog training, veterinary care, and pet sitting.


Offering extras make a particular dog kennel and easy choice for owners. If extra services such as grooming, training, and doggie social time are offered, you’ll find your clients appreciate the convenience of using your kennel or facility. Maybe even offer teeth brushing!

Always Make a Good First Impression

Often owners can determine the quality of a dog kennel within the first minute of entering the facility. If they are covering your nose or avoiding breathing due to the stench right when they walk in, then they do not need to waste their time by continuing the tour. If however, they immediately find the facility clean and welcoming, they will be more likely to spend the time looking at and asking about the care and daily routine of the dogs and you will get the chance to land a new client for your new pet business.

Make your business stand out by giving your clients a pet’s view of their vacation.

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