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Rubber Foot Dog Toy

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Rubber dog toys that squeak were the first ever inductees into the Dog Toy Hall of Fame. They are classic and make most any canine ready to play. So then why not take it one step further and make it funny to the humans, too, like with this rubber dog toy that is shaped and colored like a foot with a pretty pedicure?

Do I Really Need Rubber Foot Toy For My Dog?

If you feel the need to freak out your neighbors, this dog toy is perfect, you just make sure it stays an outside toy. Or play fetch with it out in the front yard if your dog can be trusted off leash in unconfined spaces. The looks the neighbors will give you for throwing around a foot and encouraging your furry buddy to bring it back to you to do it all over again will be priceless. It’s also a good option for those quirky people who want to freak out their friends at their next party by placing this toy atop the pile of dog toys in the basket in the corner. Plus, your dog might even enjoy the toy, too!


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