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Real Elk Antlers for Your Dog to Chew

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Yes you read right. These are real elk antlers off the head of an elk. No, the elk was not harmed in the making of these dog chew toys. Every year thousands of elk shed their antlers leaving them scattered around the forest. The ones not chewed on by forest creatures are collected, cleaned and cut into dog sized chew toys.

Does your dog need a set of elk antlers?

If you have a dog that can chew and swallow most any other chew toy made for heavy chewers in record time, then yes, you may want to give elk antlers a try. These are some heavy duty chew toys that even the most aggressive chewer will not be able to easily splinter or break into small bite sized pieces. Also a good natural source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

As with any dog toy, do supervise your pet when giving elk antler chews. Although most dogs know when to stop, some use too much pressure can damage their teeth or gums.


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