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Programmable LED Aquarium Light Reviews

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Aquarium hoods cover an aquarium and the light provides illumination to see the fish, plant growth and provide the occupants with a lighting cycle that resembles a natural cycle from dark to light. Some can also let you mimic the lighting of the natural habitats of your fish, such as the . Newer models of hoods are programmable to eliminate manually turning them on and off to simulate the day night cycle.

Finnex Planted 24/7 Fully Automatic LED Hood with Remote Control

is made for popular aquarium sizes up to 48 inches. It uses energy saving LED bulbs which provides the light from morning sunrise to a blazing noontime sun to afternoon sunset. In addition it simulates thunderstorms, cloudy days or nights, the moon progressing through phases, and nights with starry skies. Four memory slots allow saving or programming other scenarios if the fish aficionado doesn’t want to use the 24/7 option. The remote control allows changing the lighting from anywhere in the room. It allows adjusting the light color and intensity. The LED bulbs encourage plant growth to keep the aquarium lush and vibrant. This aquarium hood will make fish think they are still in the wild.

Video Review of the Finnex Planted 24/7 LED Lights:


Lighting options include blue lights, white lights, and moon lighting depending on which light combinations you have on at one time. Purchasers say this is a plug and play light to give preset sunrise to sunset lighting situation. This light comes in 5 sizes ranging from 20 inch to 72 inches. The lamps are both T5 HO fluorescent and LED lights which come on an off separately as set on the timer to meet the various lighting situations. The larger models have fans to move heat away from the unit and the aquarium. The German made AquaticLife uses reflectors to direct and focus light deep into the aquarium. The frame mounts are adjustable to fit a wide variety of uses. Users like the easy of setting the timer, and the most common complaint is about the adjustable feet.

AquaticLife T5 HO Hood Video Review:


Marine Aquarium Lights

The lush colors of marine fish and plants are what draw aquarists into keeping a saltwater tank.

A proper aquarium light enhances the colors of the fish and tank and improves the occupant’s health. Most aquarium lights are used for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums; however, some lights are designed specifically to meet the needs of a saltwater tank such as growing a coral reef. Using a marine light and hood allows the saltwater occupants to be healthier and more content for optimum growth and health.

Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

comes in four sizes: 18 -24 inch, 24 – 36, 36 – 48 and 48 – 60 inches. It allows adjusting the LED lights for duration, intensity, color and brightness to simulate the light changes from the sun and moon during a 24 hour cycle. The gradual sunrise turns into a noontime sun that recedes as the sun sets and into customized moonlight.

Specs and how to use this hood are covered in this video:


This is a great lighting system for growing coral. Aquarists say their coral has improved and hasn’t looked better than with the Hydra Light System. Light lenses are at 90% efficiency which allows for better light transmission and diffusion. The lights are brighter at a lower power. Control is with a system remote so the lights can be changed from an easy chair. Mounting is by hanging or the EXT rail system of rails which attaches the lights to a system of brackets that mounts to the aquarium stand and positions the lights above the tank. Comes with a quick start guide.

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