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Poop Freeze Review: Freeze Your Dog’s Poop for Easy Clean Up?

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Yes, someone invented a way to freeze your dog’s poop for “easier” clean up. Just “frost it and toss it” according to the manufacturers. All you have to do to make poop scooping easy is spray the poop, then put some gloves on, then turn the poop over with your gloved hands, then spray the underside of the poop. Then just wait 10 seconds while it hardens, then pick it up to dispose of. See, much easier than using a poop scooper.

Do you really need Poop Freeze?

It’s hard to truly find a need to have your dog poop frozen before cleaning up.  But as a gag gift, this is golden. Not sure what to bring to your company’s while elephant gift exchange? Poop Freeze is sure to be a hit. Or you can use it as a science experiment to see what other substances you can freeze and upload a new YouTube video. You never know, this gag gift could be your first viral video that gives you that 5 minutes of internet fame. It gets 3 stars for the fun factor.


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