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Pink Dog Beds: Pampered Pooches Love Pink!

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The Pampered Pet Pink Dog Bed

Luxurious and upscale are the words used to describe this small dog bed. It’s make for comfort and frilly style with thick foam padding, a pillow (cause every dog needs her own pink pillow), and frilly silk lining the outside of the bed.  It is a small bed and best for Chihuahuas, Pekinese, Yorkies, and other similarly sized dogs.



This is modern and classy looking. Add some pink without making it too pink.



This modern style bright pink dog bed has a fuzzy animal print bed cover and will match any decor.



A pink dog bed fit for royal pooches. Perfect for small dogs. Complete with a feather trim and made of microsuede.



This is for the pooch that wants a soft place to hide in the house for sleeping. It’s made of fabric and has a cushioned floor for comfort. It’s lightweight and easy to move when you need to. It’s definitely only for small dogs or even cats weighing less than about 20 to 25 pounds. Bigger pets won’t fit inside, although they could lay on it as it can be smashed down easily by a bigger dog.


Pink Convertible Car Pet Bed

Who could resist buying for their fluffy dog or cat? It’s a simple bed for small dogs or cats that will give you and your friends a giggle. Also comes in blue and red and is machine washable.


Kakadu Large Donut Dog Bed in Pink

Pink is not just for small dogs, some large dogs may want a pink bed as well. Here’s a thick andmade to fit medium sized dogs. Although if your larger dogs likes to curl up into a compact ball for sleeping, this will work fine for her as well. Machine washable.


Extra Large Luxury Pink Dog Beds

At this price, is certainly for the discerning pooch. It measures 42 inches across and is 27 inches deep. It’s made with shredded memory foam that will hold up to any large dog. You can unzipped the bedding to wash. The outside is professionally upholstered in the USA.


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