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Outdoor Patio and Dining Sets for Squirrels

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Just give up keeping the squirrels out of your bird feeder and give them a comfortable place to eat instead. Buy a picnic table or chair to host a squirrel or two in your yard. Or buy several and fill your yard with furry-tailed rodents munching on corn.  With these cool and funny squirrel feeders, they may just leave your bird feeders alone. Either way, you are sure to have comments from friends and family on your yard décor and visiting creatures. Corn on the cobs sold separately. Makes a great gift for the bird lover or wildlife lover on your shopping list.

Wooden Picnic Table Feeder for Squirrels

This is a well-built picnic table that will last for years. Made of cedar, it will hold up to weather and resist pest infestations. The screw in the middle holds the corn on the cob.  With a bench on each side, two can dine in the great outdoors. The plaque attaches to a tree or fence with screws and has an artistic squirrel drawn on it letting squirrels know this is their place to feast.

Loveseat Swing Feeder for Squirrels porch swing squirrels

This porch swing sits two furry-tailed rodents comfortably with places to put 3 corn on the cobs, so there will be no fighting over dinner. Maybe. Hang on a hook or from a tree with a rope. After dinner they can relax on the swing and watch the sun set while gossiping about the neighbor squirrels.

squirrel chairSquirrel Chair Feeder

Get your wild squirrels a chair that matches your own patio set for about the same price. Although this one is made of metal and sturdy enough for squirrels and all weather conditions. Being metal, it’s probably best to place this in the shade so your tree rodents don’t burn their paws. Seats only one rodent and one corn on the cob for the squirrel in your yard that prefers to dine alone.


Red Tractor Squirrel Feedersquirrel feeder

Complete your yard’s eclectic décor with a bright red tractor. Squirrels sit on the seat and have a choice of two corn on the cobs to eat. You can screw this into a tree or fence.


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