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No Dog Poop Signs for the Lawn

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Tell delinquent dog walkers that you don’t want their dog to poop in your yard and keep off the grass with a no dog poop sign.  All of these have a stake, making it easy to place anywhere in your yard.

White Terrier Dog Cast Iron No Poop Sign

This sign is cast iron and makes it harder to destroy by some irritated dog walker. It says to please keep off the grass, but Fido’s pose tells the real story.

no dop poop sign for lawnCute Cartoon No Dog Poop Flower Sign

This green flower shaped sign features a cute cartoon dog happily doing his dirty deed. Hopefully, it’ll cause the walker to pause as he looks at it and do the right thing. This is one of the more friendly signs to make the request.

keep off grass stakeBlack Or Rust Colored Dog Cast Iron Sign

This dog shaped sign is also cast iron and comes in black or rust color. The message is a little more direct with only the word “No!”, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination.


keep poop away signKids at Play, Keep Poop Away

This 7 x 10 inch white plastic sign gives the message with black and red graphics showing children playing.


no poop sign yardPlease Be Respectful Garden Sign

This is a sign that requests dog owners clean up after their dog in as a civilized tone as possible. The sign is 4.5 x 6 inches and attached to a one foot metal post.

If a polite sign doesn’t stop the unwanted deposits made by and not cleaned up by less than neighborly neighbors, you could always position a scarecrow sprinkler, like this one used to keep birds out of the yard, just right in your yard.

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