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My Dog Eats Too Fast and Throws Up: How to Get Your Dog to Eat Slower

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Some dogs will eat so fast you’d think they haven’t seen or smelled food in a week, even though they had breakfast just a few hours ago. For some dogs, this behavior started because of a past history of not getting enough food or having to compete with other dogs for food. For other dogs, it’s just a quirky part of their personality. But eating too fast can affect their health, and it’s best to make your dog slow down and savor his meal rather than inhale it. If your dog east too fast, to get your dog to eat slower, you’ll need to make changes to how and when you feed your dog.

dog eats too fast Use a Eat Slow Dog Bowl

Slow feeder dog bowls are made just for fast eating canines. These bowls have thick plastic bumps or objects in the way of the food, making it impossible for your dog to inhale all of his food in one gulp. Instead he must take small bites as he works around the obstacles in the bowl. The Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl and Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowl are cheap and highly rated.


how to get my dog to eat slower Buy the Omega Paw Portion Pacer

The Omega Paw Portion Pacer Ball is a large stainless steel or porcelain ball that you put inside your dog’s food dish. At feeding time, put the ball on top of the food and your dog has to roll the ball around to move it out of the way and get to the food. Use this in a deep dish dog food bowl, and your dog will not be able to roll it out of the bowl, thereby only having access to a small amount of food at a time. This costs a few more dollars than a slow eat dog bowl, but is easier to clean because it’s a completely smooth surface. The eat slow dog bowl has nooks and crannies by design making them a difficult to wash by hand.

Feed Small Meals

If you have a fast eating dog, do not feed your dog all of his food at one time. Instead split his daily allotment of food up into two to five smaller meals. This is especially important for large dogs as multiple meals greatly reduce the risk for them to develop bloat and torsion.


It’s difficult to train a dog to eat more slowly, but you can use training sessions as your dog’s meal time activity. At feeding time, teach your dog some new tricks and reward each with some of his dog food. This gets him to work for his food and he can’t eat too fast because you control how much he gets after each trick.

my dog eats too fast Use Interactive Dog Feeders

Interactive dog feeders are a way for you to slow down your dog’s food intact when you are unable to do a training session at feeding time. Interactive dog feeders such as the Aikiou dog bowl or Tug-A-Jug make it a challenge for your dog to get the food out. With some effort, he will be able to get a few pieces of dog chow at one time, but not his entire meal.

If you dog eats to fast, making your dog eat slower will benefit his health and could save his life. Eating a large meal too fast followed by exercise puts a large-chested dog at risk for developing bloat. Some dogs may eat so fast they walk away from their food bowl only to vomit up their meal. Eating more slowly will ensure your dog gets enough to eat without causing bloat or torsion.

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