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Mustache Dog Toy

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Balls, ropes and rough rubber toys are all well and good, but what your dog really needs is a mustache, er… Humunga Stache. This rubber mustache attached to a traditional chew ball for a dog makes for a great photo op, if only Fido would get the joke and chew on it correctly.

mustache dog toyDo my dogs really need a mustache dog toy?

If your dog is not a super chewer who plows through toys in seconds rather than minutes, and you think the mustache trend is hilarious instead of boring and played out, then the answer is “Yes!” Many contemporary pet owners will think this genius toy is worth the price of admission just for the photo op that will certainly end up as the Facebook or Twitter profile pics of said owners. Keep in mind this is not a super durable toy, however, and once the mustache parts are detached from the ball part they may become too small to be safe toys for larger dogs.


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