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Memorial Stones for Pets and Other Unique Ways to Remember Your Lost Pet

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Losing a cat, dog, bird, or any other family pet is difficult for any pet owner. Some special furred or feathered friends however, can leave a more lasting impression at their passing causing their owners to grieve more deeply. These memorial stones for pets, beautiful urns, jewelry and other ideas can help you memorialize your much-loved pet can help you through that grieving process when you are coping with a pet loss.

In the Garden: Memorial Stones

From a simple flat stone to a more elaborate garden statue, you can place a lasting memorial right in your garden or as a grave marker. Some give you the option to engrave the stone with your dog, cat, or bird’s name, birthday, and/or a poem. With some you can insert a picture as well. For a more visual reminder, you can buy a stone garden pet angel, such as a statue of a cat with wings to rest in your pet’s favored garden spot or over where he or she is buried.

Urns for Pet AshesUrns for Pet Ashes

For less than $100 you can buy a pet urn that will hold your dog, cat, or bird’s ashes. Some animal urns are simple with just a nameplate. Others can include your pet’s picture or a statue. Speak with your veterinarian about cremating your pet if you want to save the ashes. This is something that needs to be planned in advance.

Pet Memorial JewelryPet Memorial Jewelry: Ashes to Gems

If you have saved your pet’s ashes, you can turn some of those ashes into jewelry, such as a necklace, to wear, keeping your pet close to you even after death. Several options for pet cremation jewelry exist. You can buy a pendant that contains a tiny urn for the ashes that hangs on a necklace or bracelet. For jewelry that’s sure to last a lifetime, you can have the ashes or some of your pet’s hair turned into a lab created diamond.

Online Memorials

Through the internet you can do more than connect with other pet owners also grieving the loss of a pet. Some websites such as allow you to post a public memorial to your pet. Similar to an obituary for humans, these memorials will be shared with others that understand your loss.

Make a Donation to an Animal Charity

Consider making a donation to a nonprofit organization in your pet’s name. Find a rescue that cares for the same type of pet. For example, if your pet was a dog, donated to a dog rescue. If you adopted your pet from a rescue organization, make a donation to that rescue that saved your beloved pet and placed it with you. If you and your dog spent many hours hiking in a local park or wilderness area, donate to that park or wilderness area. If your dog was your camping partner, donate to your favorite campground. If you have a dog bed or other pet items still in excellent condition, clean them and donate to the animal charity of your choice.

When choosing how to best memorialize your pet, consider how your dog, cat, bird or other companion made an impact in your life and choose a memorial that best represents that impact. Doing this will help bring you peace knowing that your pet will not be forgotten.

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