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Matching Biker Dog Harness for Girls and Boys

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The boy’s biker harness is black with a skull charm where you attach the leash to keep your Goth pooch under control and barbed wire designs. For the coordinating girl harness, you’ll get a touch of femininity with black and white lace and a red rose. These come in teacup size up to size small. Teacup fits dogs less than 2 pounds and small fits dogs 12 to 30 pounds.

Do Your Dogs Really Need Matching Biker Dog Harnesses?

Every tough teacup-sized dog deserves a biker outfit. And if you have a male and female, they of course should have coordinating biker gear. You are certain to attract attention and comments walking your dog in either of these biker dog harnesses. But for winter, these small dog coats are best for keeping warm.


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