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Large Airtight Dog Food Storage Containers Reviews

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These airtight dog food storage containers will keep the food from becoming stale, mice, rats, and other critters out of the bag, moisture out, and prevent your pet from getting into the container and binging eat. These can be used store food for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, or even humans. All of These are highly reviewed food containers for pet food storage.

IRIS Pet Food Container

You might use this stackable IRIS pet food container for the food and the dog treats, or use it to keep different kinds of pet food separate. Both have latches that snap to be airtight and sealable to prevent unwanted intrusion. They are designed for the smaller one to fit on top of the larger for compact storage. The small container holds 10 pounds and the larger container holds 25 pounds. The larger container features wheels to make it easier to move the containers when full. The scoop holds up to 2 cups and comes with ½ cup markings. They come in 7 colors so there’s one to fit your décor. IRIS also makes a series of pet food containers without the combo feature.

Large dog food container Vittles Vault Stackable Dog Food Storage Containers

The best feature of these are the shape which allows you to open the lower containers without moving the ones on top of it. The Vittles Vault dog food storage containers come in two sizes, 40 and 60 pounds. It is airtight to keep moisture and insects out, and to insure fresh food to the last serving. The lid screws on for an airtight seal. It also makes it difficult for animals to break into their food container. These are stackable to allow a compact footprint if using different types of food.

Airtight dog food containers Van Ness Pet Food Container – The Best Cheap Dog Food Container

The Van Ness pet food container comes in 3 sizes; 10, 25 and 50 pounds, and some users report it will hold slightly more than the listed size. Some users put the food bag in the container and open it before putting the lid on. The lid seals the container to make it airtight. Wheels allow moving a full container of food easy. It’s simple and cheap compared to most other pet food containers.

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