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How to Stop My Dog From Barking

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Stop My Dog From BarkingDoes your dog bark at every person, car, cat, bird, bug, and leaf that goes by? Such dog behavior is not just annoying for the dog owner; you can bet the neighbors are annoyed too. But you don’t have to make a choice between living with excessive barking or getting rid of a family pet to stop the noise. You can take simple steps that will lessen your dog’s barking.

Exercise Your Dog

If your dog is spending his time barking, then he has a lot of energy he needs to use in a day. A tired dog will lounge and sleep more, and bark less. Take your dog for a walk, or better yet a jog, in the morning before you leave the house and again when you come home. If you aren’t up for early morning walks, then play fetch with your dog for 15 minutes in the backyard several times a day. You could even invest in a dog treadmill or rat wheel for dogs (yes they make those!) to keep your pooch fit and tired during long cold winter months.

Keep Your Dog Busy

When you can’t be with your dog to prevent the barking, keep your dog busy by giving him toys that will keep him focused on something other than barking. Treat toys that require a dog to work to get the food out can keep some dogs focused on a toy for hours. They can then forget about the bugs and leaves floating by. Chew toys can also give your dog something to do other than bark.

Keep Your Dog Inside

Dogs need to be with their pack and dog packs do not separate unless something is very wrong. You are your dog’s pack and hopefully the leader of that pack. Putting your dog outside while you are home can cause some dogs to become anxious and stressed because they are separated from their pack and their leader. This can also happen if you leave your dog outside when you are not home. The home is a dog’s den and being locked out of the den can also be very stressful for some dogs. This anxiety can lead to barking to relieve that stress. Keeping your dog inside at night is also the surest way to stop your dog barking at night.

If you want to keep an eye on your dog while you are away, get a pet camera. These let you watch and even talk to your pet with a smartphone or tablet app from anywhere.

Hire a Dog Trainer

Some dogs seem to be bred to bark. If you’ve tried exercise, toys, and making your dog a part of the family, then it’s time to hire a private dog trainer for advice. By scheduling a private session with an experienced dog trainer, the trainer can focus only on your dog while in the dog’s home and provide recommendations that will lessen the barking. A dog trainer may spot triggers in the home, backyard, or even from your interactions with your dog that are causing or contributing to the barking that you may not be aware of as you are more focused on the noise level of your pet. This outsider and professional view can be invaluable and make living with your dog much more enjoyable for you and your neighbors.

How to Stop My Dog From Barking Final Tip

As you can see it’s not just one simple thing that will make dogs stop barking. If a dog is barking, it’s up to the owner to make changes to the dog’s environment and care to reduce the unwanted noise.

For some stubborn dogs, a dog barking deterrent device such as these may be a helpful tool in reducing a dog’s barking.

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