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How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight Naturally

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Learn how to help How to help your cat lose weight your cat lose weight naturally with diet and exercise.

The authors of Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet? report that, “Domestic cats spend about 70 percent of their lives asleep.” That’s 16.8 hours a day on average. And housecats are not even the laziest of cats. African lions sleep 80 percent of their lives away whether they live in the wild or the zoo. This makes housecats living in the comfort of a home with attentive humans who bring them their food predisposed to becoming an obese cat. But too much fat on a cat is not healthy. It can lead to diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, and many other serious health conditions.

How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight Naturally – The Simple Answer

Losing weight for any animal is the same as a human; eat fewer calories than used and your cat will lose weight. But weight loss for cats presents a few challenges. How much to food a cat eats is completely under the owner’s control, but a crash diet can be deadly. And encouraging exercise can be a challenge with felines that need to sleep the day away.

Do You Have an Obese Cat?

Did you know your cat should have a waistline? A housecat at a healthy weight when viewed from above, while in a standing position, should have a slightly narrow waist just beneath the ribs. If this surprises you, that’s not surprising. Most pet cats are simply too fat and most cat owners are unfamiliar with what a cat should look like and think a cat at a healthy weight is too skinny.

Make a Veterinary Appointment

It can be dangerous to put your obese cat on a diet without the guidance of your veterinarian. If the weight gain is due to a medical condition, then a diet will could make it worse. Sudden weight loss in cats can lead to feline hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) in just a few days. This condition can be deadly. So the first step in your cat’s weight loss plan is a trip to your veterinarian. First, your veterinarian may want to run some tests to rule out hidden illnesses such as a thyroid condition or diabetes.

Ask your vet to show you how to judge your cat’s body condition, what your cat’s target weight should be, and how much weight your cat should loose in a week or month. Most vets will only recommend that cats loose an ounce or two a week. If you have a hefty 20-pound cat that should weigh 12 pounds, it should take your cat almost a year to lose the excess fat.

Feed Less Food

Discuss with your veterinarian how much food your cat should get in a day. If you have an obese cat then you are feeding too much food. But you need to cut back slowly to avoid liver disease. How much cat food to feed will depend on what you currently feed and your cat’s target weight as set by your veterinarian.

Weight loss for catsBuy Cat Toys

You can get even an old feline up and moving like a kitten with the right toy. The best cat toy to help your cat exercise is one that gets your cat’s attention and active even when you are not home. The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy and Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse will do just that. But you may have to try different cat toys to find one that peaks your feline’s interest. A scratching post is also a necessity for cats. This gives them a place to mark their territory with their claws and stretch their back and limbs.

Let Your Cat Enjoy the Great Outdoors, Cautiously

Outdoor cats will find their own adventures to keep them active and trim. But a cat that is free to roam is also likely to reduce the local songbird population, have more medical problems due to cat fights and exposure to diseases, and a shorter lifespan. You can however allow your cat outdoor time by building an outdoor cat enclosure or modifying your fence to keep your cat in. You can even put a harness on your cat and have him take you for a walk. (Walking a cat is not the same experience as walking a dog.)

When making a plan for how to help your cat lose weight naturally, you will have much more success and a healthier feline friend if you take this holistic approach and include the veterinarian, dieting, and activities such as cat toys and safe outdoor adventures.

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