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Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

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Dogs and squirrels go together like ham and cheese… or ham and dogs. Or dogs and cheese. Bottom line is dogs love to chase and torment squirrels. So, what better toy than a plush tree stump with several holes filled with toy squirrels? The icing on this squirrel cake is the fact that there are squeakers imbedded in each stuffed squirrel. Your dogs will be in indoor wildlife heaven.

Do my dogs really need a Hide a Squirrel toy?

If you are on the constant search for the perfect toy for your dogs, then the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Even dogs that pull the stuffing out of their plush toys will enjoy this gift because once the squirrels are dead and buried in the local landfill, you still have the plush stump to play with. You can fill it with other dog toys and tease your dog to try and get them out with their annoying lack of opposable thumbs. My dogs actually play a version of catch with the stump where they throw it in the air and catch it a few times; probably hoping more squirrels will come out.


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