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Headless Dog Toys

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Zombie dogs do exist, I can attest to this as one lives at my house. That means headless dog toys like the ones made by Silly Bums are perfect toys for canines like mine who go straight for the plushy, stuffed brains in all their fluffy toys.

Do I Really Need Silly Bums Headless Dog Toy?

Dogs who consistently decapitate or slurp the brains out of their stuffed toys may be given pause by these headless animals. The confused and alarmed look you may get out of your Fido may be worth every single penny, especially if you catch it on tape and post it to You Tube. Of course, if your dog is one of those smart types, he may just try to tear the stuffing out of the hindquarters that are still intact on the beaver, skunk or other type of animal you have selected from Silly Bums. Once he discovers the squeaker imbedded in the plush underbelly he may be completely enamored, even though there is no head to destroy. Either way, it’s another fun and unusual toy for your four-legged friend and if you are the type to shower them with love, affection and toys this is a great addition to your – oops, your pet’s collection.


Written by Skye McKiernan

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