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Good Jobs Involving Dogs: Turn Your Love of Dogs into a Pet Business

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Jobs Involving DogsThese good jobs involving dogs can have you spending your days with the creatures you love most. If dogs are that creature for you, then you have many options for turning your love of canines into a viable pet business and create your own jobs with dogs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects an increase in job opportunities in this field as “pet care services such as day care, grooming, kennel services, and dog walking become more popular.” Right now may be the right time for you to start exploring your options to start a dog-focused business.

Dog Trainer

As a dog trainer you may find your people and educational skills are much more valuable than your animal behavior skills. The best dog trainers focus on teaching humans how to train their dog. As a dog trainer, you can probably easily teach a new puppy to sit and walk on a leash. With more experience, you can learn to work with the most fearful or aggressive of dogs. However, the key to keeping a dog in a good home with good owners is to pass those skills onto the dog owner. This is the most important duty of a dog trainer.

Dog Groomer

Professional dog groomers do more than just give a canine a haircut. Every breed has a standard for how to cut and style the fur. This is especially important for show dogs. Also, each owner will have preferences about how their dog should look that the groomer must understand and be able to accomplish. Pet dog groomers also help keep a their clients healthy by carefully shaving off matted hair, preventing hair mats, cleaning ears and teeth, and watching for skin, ear, and dental conditions that need veterinary care.

In-Home Dog Daycare

Dog daycare, often referred to as doggie daycare, businesses do more than just pet sit a family pet while the owner is away. As a doggie daycare provider, you take a pet dog into your home for the entire time the dog’s owner is away. The pooch temporarily becomes a member of your family. Many owners choose a dog daycare service over a kennel or pet sitting for pets that need constant activity and attention or just to make themselves feel good about leaving a pet behind while away.

dog business bookDog Sitting / Walking

Running an in-home dog daycare can limit how many clients you can take at one time. Providing pet sitting services where you visit and care for dogs in the dogs’ homes can allow you to take on many more clients at one time. Dog sitters typically spend about 20 to 60 minutes at a dog home providing for its basic needs such as food and water and any other requests made by the owner. This can include giving medications, scooping poop, walking or playing with the dog, brushing the dog, and taking care of other pets in the house. Some house sitting duties are also usually expected such as bringing in the mail and watering plants.

Dog Rescue

Establishing a dog rescue probably is not usually thought of as a business. However, with thousands of pet canines in need of rescue in every major city, running a sustainable and successful dog rescue is a full time job. As the director of nonprofit, you can work within the community to solve dog homelessness and neglect issues and pay yourself a salary to help accomplish your goals. Many nonprofits raise funds by providing pet services or selling products to support the organization, which can include paid staff.

Pursing good jobs involving dogs can allow you to focus on one aspect of canine  care or provide for a range of dog and dog owner needs. Most of these dog-related businesses would typically earn you a salary in the range of $30,000 to $50,000 a year. You can expect that a pet rescue salary would be below $30,000 while a pet sitting business can bring in much more than $50,000 a year. Offering more services, expanding your client base, and charging more as you become more experienced can allow you to increase your income.

Check out these books for more tips and advice on starting your own dog related business.

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