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DVD for Cats: Cat Sitter Trilogy Review

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Have a lazy cat that needs more exercise? Spend too much time away from home leaving your cat lonely at home? Or do you have a cat that pesters you non-stop for attention? Well there’s now a solution to all your cat’s problems – get him to spend hours in front of the television with a cat sitter DVD!

This 3 DVD set for cats includes background bird songs, fish, rats, and digital insects darting across the screen that will either energize your cat or seriously confuse him as he tries to catch the darting digital dragonfly that actively teases your cat into catching him.  Either way, it’s just as entertaining for you to watch your cat as it is for the cat. The soothing bird sounds are enjoyed by people in the house as well.

Some cats prefer to sit close to the TV to watch the video. So set them up with a comfy chair or tall cat bed and enjoy the show. Don’t worry, research shows sitting to close to the TV will not damage a human’s eyesight, so it probably won’t harm your feline’s either.

Your cat’s opinion of this DVD set for cats may vary from other felines. If your cat prefers watching the real birds and bugs through a window, he may not “get” this form of entertainment. But for the lazy cat, the sounds and sights of this video may get him up and moving.


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