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Dress Up Your Cat – Kindle Book Edition

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Not getting the hang of how to dress up your cat for outings or parties or her next photo shoot? Learn how to put together your feline’s wardrobe, get the clothes onto your cat without looking like you lost a battle with an alligator, and how to keep those shades on your cat.

Do you need the Dress Up Your Cat Kindle book?

Obviously if “You’ve finally decided to dress up your cat” as the book’s author states, then you really need to learn to do it properly and with style. You don’t want your feline fashionista to wear just any old pet costume.

According to the author, this book will teach you –

  • How to choose clothes your cat likes.
  • How to handle the cat who falls down and acts paralyzed when wearing clothes.
  • How to avoid covering whiskers so they do not lose their senses and run into walls.
  • How to avoid humiliating your cat.

You know you are tempted to buy this book.

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