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Christmas Pet Costumes for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and Rats?

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There are any number of Santa outfits for dogs available. And although they are not generally marketed as cat Christmas costumes, most small dog costumes can be worn by any cat, should you happen to have a feline that’s into dress up. Most Christmas pet costumes are cheap, so it’s not a huge expense to have some fun dressing up your pets for the holidays. Some of these holiday outfits will have friends and family exclaiming “how cute!”, and some might get a different reaction.


Pet Christmas costumeThe Reversible Santa/Reindeer Christmas Oufit for Dogs

Not sure if little Fido would prefer to play Santa or Rudolph at the Christmas party? Then give him a choice! With this costume he can play jolly Santa with a classy red velvet Santa suit complete with a hoody topped by a white pompom, or if he’s feeling more like a graceful flying reindeer, he can be Santa’s lead reindeer for the festivities. Also a best choice if your pooch has multiple Holiday parties to attend and does not want to be caught wearing the same outfit to both.


Christmas dog clothesElf Christmas Clothes for Dogs or Cats

Maybe playing Santa’s assistant is more your pet’s style. Then he will need this elf pet costume. Comes with a green jacket, four paw bands, and a pointy hat all lined with red pom poms. You can buy this elf costume for dogs sized small to extra large.


Ferret Santa Suit

Made for ferrets, but you could probably make your large pet rat endure this Santa costume for a few quick photos. It is only a collar and hat. If you have a more accommodating ferret, then really this holiday sock sweater is more becoming on a lanky ferret.


Dog Christmas outfitChristmas Tree Dress Costume for Dogs

Frankly, this Christmas tree dress for dogs is a bit gaudy. Its alternating green and yellow-green ruffles topped with a giant red bow around the neck really make the dog look like it’s missing his sombrero hat rather than a Christmas tree star.  But if your pooch wants something other than the traditional Santa, elf, or reindeer attire, then this will do.


christmas dog ugly sweater contestSnowman Dog Jacket

OK, this is for dog owners that are purposely and knowingly trying to make their dog look and feel ridiculous, or may win the ugly sweater contest for dogs. The random stuffed snowman hanging off the side and randomly placed snowflake and Christmas tree on the other side look like a small child enjoyed making this costume, and that’s something at least.  It’s certainly going to bring you and your dog attention.

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