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Cheap Best Litter Boxes for Cats

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The cheap and best litter boxes for cats are ones that both the owner and feline agree on. Kitty owners tend to prefer a box that’s easy to clean and doesn’t bring attention to itself, while cats usually have their own preferences that can be very individual. Here are cat litter box reviews of some of the best that usually meet with approval from both owners and felines.

Omega Paw Litter Box Review – The Best Cheap Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega Paw Roll’ N Clean Litter Box is the budget friendly self-cleaning cat box. Although it does not automatically clean the litter box for you, you also don’t have to reach in and scoop to get it clean. You roll the box from side to side and the waste is separated from the clean litter into a tray. Pull the tray out and dump for easy clean up. No batteries required which is a plus. It comes in two sizes, medium and large, and several color choices.

open litter boxIris Open Top Litter Box for Cats with Shield Review

For less than $25 at most retailers, the Iris Open Top Litter Box with Shield is a bargain. Made for cats that want an open-air cat box, it has tall walls on three sides to contain the litter and waste that easy get pushed out of regular open litter boxes by cats that dig through their litter, or tend to spray their urine. It also comes with its own scoop making its price that much more budget friendly.

igloo litter boxBooda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Boxes Review – The Igloo Litter Box

The Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box is perfect for the cat that wants privacy and for the humans that don’t want to look at litter and its contents. Resembling an igloo cat litter box, it’s extra large for big felines and cats enter through a doorway that turns into the litter pan. The circular design keeps the litter out of view of humans making it a good choice for apartments and other small living spaces where finding a pleasant spot for the litter box is a challenge. The charcoal filter helps with reducing litter box smells. On favorite feature of humans are the textured steps the cat must walk on to enter and leave the box. These steps remove litter and waste bits from kitty’s paws on his way out of the box. If you have a medium to large dog, this is also dog proof because it’s difficult for them to put their head all the way into the box.

Litter Mat

Don’t forget the litter mat. Mats designed to go in front of litter boxes for cats have small bumps that grip the litter off your kitty’s paw as she climbs out of the litter box. These greatly reduce the tracking of cat litter throughout the house. The bigger the mat and more texture it has, the better it will work. Some are carpeted while others are plastic. Carpet ones look nicer, but plastic ones are easier to clean with a water hose outside. Choose one that meets your needs.

If you have a finicky cat, you may have to try a couple of litter boxes for cats before settling on the best one. But since having more than one kitty box in the house tends to improve a cat’s use of the litter box, you can set up different choices and quickly learn which is your cat’s favorite. If scooping kitty boxes is not a favorite chore, consider investing in an automatic box for cats.

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