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Memorial Stones for Pets and Other Unique Ways to Remember Your Lost Pet

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Losing a cat, dog, bird, or any other family pet is difficult for any pet owner. Some special furred or feathered friends however, can leave a more lasting impression at their passing causing their owners to grieve more deeply. These memorial stones...

Best Way to Remove Dog or Cat Hair from the Car, Couch, Clothes, Carpet and More

Does it seem like hair is everywhere but on the dog or cat? There is a cat or dog hair removal tool for all your needs. Some are just crazy inventions that do work and some will make you think, “why didn’t...

A Chinchilla Dust Bath House: Keep the Chinchilla Bath Dust Contained

  • Rated: 4.5

The Super Pet Chinchilla Dust Bath House Review Does Your Chinchilla Need A Bath House? Of course he does. Chinchillas require dust baths to keep their fur coat and skin clean and healthy. And why shouldn’t your chinny have nice things? As...