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Cat Wedding Cake Toppers

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These cat wedding cake toppers are some of the best you can find and just right for the cat loving couple. Cats generally are not good wedding guests, so have them represented with one of these charming feline wedding cake toppers instead.

The bride and groom are separate pieces so you can arrange them as you want on top of your cake. They are hand sculpted and not make from a mold, so each is custom and one of a kind. Special requests are taken for cat colors, so you can have these match your favorite feline’s coloring.

Sweet and simple with the boy dressed in his finest tux and the girl in pink. Each is handmade and hand painted. They measure about 4 to 5 inches tall. Behind the happy kitty couple, their tails form a heart.



Whimsical Clay Bride and Groom Cat Figurines

These are sold separately as and . Put together they make a happy and whimsical feline addition to any wedding cake.


Elegant and classy, these cat bride and groom figurines can be used on top of a wedding cake and then you can keep them as a nice keepsake for after the wedding.



Are you are your future spouse in a disagreement over the best pet? Solve it with this dog and cat wedding cake topper. These are actually seperate pieces, so you can arrange them on the cake however you like. The bases fit together, or they could be set differently to suit your style. The dog is taller at about 3.5 inches and the cat’s height is 3 inches tall.

Did You Know?

Cats were once worshiped in Egypt and given the same consideration as any family member. They were even mummified upon their death. One tomb was found to have 80,000 cat mummies! The goddess Bastet (or Bast) was likened after domestic cats.


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