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Cat Shower Curtains and Cat Shower Curtain Hooks

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Do you need a cat shower curtain that shows visitors you’re crazy about your felines?

No, they probably already know that. However, you do need shower curtains and hooks to hold them on. Why not have bathroom accessories that you enjoy and says something about yourself?

shower curtains with cats on themCrazy Cat Lady Shower Curtain

Proudly embrace your insanity with this cat shower curtain. People who know you are aware of it anyway. With this you display the in your face attitude that you don’t care what people think about you embracing your cats. Again, the kitty hooks are perfect for this shower curtain. It is standard size made of softened polyester and reinforced eyelets. It doesn’t include liner.

best cat shower curtainsBrightly Colored Cats on a Yellow Background by Rani Antonsen

This is a colorful shower curtain that features cats in various poses. With a bright yellow background, they are somewhat abstract, and a work of art in its own right. The cats have a rainbow of colors and a bit of a hippie art fell. They are a nice bathroom addition if the theme is art or cats.

top cat shower curtainBlack and White Artistic Line Drawn Cats

This is a colorful shower curtain that features a two cat pose. They are somewhat abstract with a splash of pinks and green. It’s made of polyester and measures 69 inches by 73 inches.



tabby cat shower curtainGrey Tabby Cat on a Turquoise Background

This Casey Rogers shower curtain features artwork of a tabby cat that seems to be looking right at you. Certainly an attention getter when anyone walks into the bathroom. It is custom printed on woven polyester for every order. It requires cold machine washing.


tiger shower curtainTiger Cat Shower Curtain

This isn’t a sweet adorable cat, but a tiger waiting in some grass for lunch to pass by. Well, maybe it is sweet. It’s a nice illustration of a tiger. The shower curtain is polyester and machine wash with cold water, without bleach or tumbling dry. The image is imprinted using a heat dry process to maintain the vibrant image.


top cat shower curtainsAttack of the Cat Shower Curtain

This blue-grey drawing of an attack cat with a green background by Deny Designs sets the perfect attitude for your bathroom. It is made of woven polyester and needs to be machine washed in cold water. It is a 6 color dye process, custom printed for each order.


cat shower curtain for sale

A Cat Shower Curtain That Looks Like A Quilt

This shower curtain looks like a quilt. It is divided into 4 sections that show cats eating, playing, sleeping and keeping an eye on things. The border shows mice irritating the cats. It is hand quilted 100% cotton. This is part of a theme with quality matching accessories.


best cat shower curtain for sale

Cartoon Cat Shower Curtain

This cute design with pastel spring colors features cats with watering cans and flowers, cats beside a bird house, the bird isn’t paying attention to the cat, the cat wearing a straw hat and butterflies. It is made from thick polyester material and perfect for a child’s bathroom. Includes 12 curtain hooks. this would go nicely in a child’s bathroom too.


cat shower curtains for saleBlack, White, and Red Cartoon Cat Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is covered with fun, imaginative cartoon cats. It is a standard size polyester shower curtain that comes with 12 hooks.



cat shower curtain buyKitties with Yarn Balls

You know you’re into cats and this would be the perfect addition to your shower. It features a clowder of different brown and white cats in a variety of cute and adorable poses on a standard sized shower curtain. If your house has a cat theme, this may be for you.


kitty shower curtain hooksCharacter Kitty Shower Curtain Hooks

Each cat hook is unique, a different color, and full of character.



Shower Curcat shower curtain hookstain Kitty Hooks

These kitty hooks are the perfect accompaniment to your cat themed shower curtain. They come in three styles and colors. What could be more adorable for your bathroom décor? If you’re in for the shower curtain, why not the cat hooks?

Put up a cat stained glass suncatcher in the bathroom window to complete your feline themed bath decor.

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