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Best Water Fountain for Cats

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cat water foundtain reviewsDrinkwell makes the best cat water fountains.

Some cats seem to refuse to drink water that is standing still in a water bowl. If you have a cat that likes to drink out of sink faucets and toilets, then using a pet water fountain can keep your felines happy and help keep them off of counters and out of the toilet bowl. Because the water constantly flows through a filter, it also keeps the water in the bowl fresher and cleaner for longer. For sick cats that need encouragement to drink, the sight and sound of moving water may help entice them to stay hydrated. The best water fountain for cats is one that has a filter and is known for being reliable. It also needs to be easy to clean to prevent algae and bacteria growth. Two sold on Amazon meet these criteria and are each considered the best water fountain for cats, the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain and the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain has a 5 inch water stream. This makes a pleasant water fall sound that attracts most pets. The pump is nearly silent, a plus if you find humming pump noises to be annoying. It also has a flow control, so you can turn the flow to a slower or faster setting. It has a large bowl at the bottom so even larger cats can drink comfortably, although many will just drink the running water. The reservoir has a grate leading to the pump that catches hair and debris, making it easy to clean out daily. You’ll get your money’s worth out of this pet fountain, as many reviewers state that their Drinkwell Pet Fountain lasted many years without failing.

Overall, this cat water fountain has several pros:

  • Quiet pump and water flow
  • Large water bowl
  • It’s reliable. Many have lasted several years before breaking.
  • Amazon reviewers give this one top ratings.

drinkwell cat fountainDrinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

This is the best cat water fountain if you have a multiple feline household. The water falls out of a ring at the top of the fountain and cats can access the water from all sides. It even comes with five different rings, each with a different number of openings from one to five. Perfect if you have up to five cats. (Assuming of course that they don’t fight over which waterfall is the best!) Like the other Drinkwell pet fountains, this one runs quietly, has adjustable flows, and is reliable. Compared to the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain, this one is easier to clean. The round bowl that holds the water has fewer crevices to clean out.

The pros of the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain:

  • Several cats can drink at the same time.
  • Large water reservoir
  • Reliable
  • Another top rated pet fountain with 4 stars and over 200 reviews on Amazon.
  • Easier to clean
  • Comes in plastic or stainless steel.

Tips for Using Any Pet Water Fountain

Fresh water should be added daily and the entire fountain should be washed with soap and water weekly, no matter what the instructions say on the box. Some instructions say you can leave the water for up to a month. This is not a good idea. Water mixed with cat saliva, fur, and food is a prime habitat for algae and bacteria to grow. Keep the water fountain clean to keep your pet healthy.

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