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Best Toys for a Cat Home Alone

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Here are some of the best toys for a cat home alone. Keep your cat active and entertained while you are at work or away from home. Some of these feline toys may take time for your cat to get used to. But once they do, they can keep cats active for those few hours a day they are awake and not eating.

Toys for a Cat Home AloneTurbo Scratcher Cat Toy

The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy is a circular track with a ball inside the track and a cardboard for scratching in the center of the track. When a cat tries to get the ball it only causes the ball to move around the track faster and faster. The ball cannot be removed, so cats spend their time trying to chase a ball that only speeds up on them. Kittens especially love this toy, although add some catnip to the center and many adult cats will relive their kittenhood trying to chase the ball.

best Toys for a Cat Home AloneWeazel Ball

The Weazal Ball is a stuffed fluffy weasel like animal attached to a battery powered ball. Turn the ball on and the weasel appears to run, flop, and twirl about erratically. Sprinkle some cat nip on the weasel and your cat will find the wildly moving ball of fur hard to resist.

toys for indoor catsSmartyKat Hidden Prey Toy

This motorized cat toy, has a “bird” that runs under a circular piece of nylon fabric. Attached to the bird are feathers that stick out from under the fabric. As itruns in a circle, the cat can chase the feathered prey . There are four speeds to choose from.

toy for cat home alone Doorway Bird Toy

This toy may be the least expensive best cat toy. It is a small cat toy, usually in the shape of a bird complete with a few feathers, that hangs from a doorway. The rope it hangs from is elastic, so a cat will grab the hanging bird and run off with it, only to have it bounce back when he pulls it too far. For a persistent cat, this can keep him busy for hours. It attaches to the top of the door frame with a clip, so no screws or holes in the wall are necessary. Buy a couple of these toys. If it becomes a favorite toy, it will eventually break and then you’ll have a cat stalking the doorway looking for his flying bird.

PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy, Large, BlueBabble Ball

Although the Babble Ball by Pet Qwerks is mainly marketed towards dogs, cats and even parrots will enjoy playing with the Babble Ball. This is a small plastic ball that makes animal noises such as frogs, birds, and roosters when played with. Some also say phrases. A cat walking past the ball or breathing on it will activate the sounds.

Keeping your cat active will not only entertain him and you, it will also keep him healthy and can prevent behavior problems. As cats age, they naturally become less active, making finding new toys and activities for your cat a challenge. These best cat toys for cats home alone will appeal to most cats.

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