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Best Thunder Jackets for Dogs: Anti-Anxiety Treatment for Dogs Without Medication

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Thunder jackets for dogs can ease your scared dog’s anxiety not just during thunderstorms, but also for training sessions, during fireworks, wind storms, or if he has to ride in the car. These work by providing constant yet gentle pressure around your dog – like a big hug. This therapy is often used to calm autistic children as well. The pressure is a natural way to calm nerves and anxiety without medication.

Thundershirt – AKA the Thunder Shirt for Dogs Review

This wraps around the canine’s torso and around the chest. At both spots is an adjustable strap so you can get just the right fit and comfortable amount of pressure. It comes in sizes XXS to XXL fitting dogs from less than 12 pounds to large breed dogs up to 110 pounds. It’s washable and durable. It comes in grey, pink, and blue.

Does the Thundershirt canine thunder jacket work? The company claims an 80% success rate. More importantly however, over 1,000 reviewers on Amazon say it works! However, results do vary as every dog is different. For some this is the only thing that will calm and anxious dog and the results are dramatic. For some dogs, it helps some, but not 100%. And for a few dogs, it just doesn’t do the trick. But it is worth trying for every dog that has anxiety.

Thunder jackets for dogs The Original Anxiety Wrap for Dogs Review

The Original Anxiety Wrap for dogs was invented by a professional dog trainer and was 89% effective for thunderstorm anxiety in a Tufts University study. This thunder jacket for dogs does fit a bit differently than the Thundershirt. It wraps around the torso and chest of the dog like the Thundershirt, but also has a strap that wraps around under the tail. It is more lightweight and breathable. When you purchase this, you can get free online support from professional dog trainers to help with its use. It’s comes in several sizes from toy (5 to 7 pounds) to XX Large (over 96 pounds).

Which is the Best of the Thunder Jackets for Dogs?

Both the Original Anxiety Wrap and the Thundershirt thunder jackets for dogs have exceptional reviews and the prices of the two are comparable. The Thundershirt is thicker but does not have the strap under the tail. The Original Anxiety Wrap is more lightweight. So those factors may be the ones to consider when choosing which thunder jacket to buy for your dog.

Did you know they make a Thundershirt for cats? Click here to see it.

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