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Best Pet Survival Kits for Dogs and Cats

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The best pet survival kits should have all you need for each pet in case of an emergency, such as food, water, first aid, and leashes and be easy to store.  They also should have a long shelf life so you don’t have to replace them too often and contain enough food and water to last at least three days. These pet emergency kits do have a 5-year shelf life and contain most everything you need; however, you may need to store extra water and food if you have a large dog or multiple cats and dogs.

Ideally, you want a central pet survival kit for each pet that is easy to grab and go in case you need to evacuate with your pet. Added to that should be extra food and water in case you are at home with no power, transportation, or other amenities for several days.

Dog Survival KitDog Survival Kit

This conveniently has all the little items you need for your dog in one bag. This includes a first aid kit, leash, bowls, and a few packages of vacuum-sealed food and water that can be stored for 5 years. It’s not enough food to last several days, so combine this with a bucket of food.

Cat Emergency KitCat Emergency Kit

Like the one for dogs, this has all you need for your cat including cat food and a bag that can be used as a carrier. It also includes a litter, litter pan, bowl, first aid kit, and collar. This is a great kit in case you need to leave your house quickly.



Best Pet Survival KitsEmergency Dog Food Bucket

This 6-gallon bucket contains about 17 pounds of dog food in sealed several packages. It can be stored for 15 years. The ingredients are high quality and from North American sources. Ingredients include pork, bone meal, vitamins, and more.



Emergency kits for pets Emergency Cat Food Bucket

This dry cat food also has a 15-year shelf life and is made with quality ingredients. It contains about 17 pounds of food, which should last multiple cats several days.



dog survival kitsEmergency Water for Pets

This box of sealed water is perfect for all the pets and you too. It can be stored for 5 years, much longer than just buying bottles of water at the store for your emergency kit.


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