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Best Heated Cat Beds for Sale

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These self-warming and heated cat beds are recommended for indoor use only.  For keeping cats warm outdoors, click here.

Thermo Pet Mat by K&H

The photo doesn’t show it, but this is a heated pet mat that you plug into an outlet. The heater is under a layer of soft foam. The top surface stays at a constant 12 to 15 degrees above the surrounding air temperature when not in use. Once your cat lays on the bed, the heater warms up and it will warm only to a normal body temperature, ensuring it doesn’t get too hot and burn your pet. The cover is washable.

The mat measures about one foot by two feet, enough for most cats to stretch out. Main coons however might find it cramped. Because it has a thermostat to prevent over-heating, some cats may find it cooler than they like.


heated pet bedThermo Cat Bed by K&H

Made by the same company as the pet mat above, this uses the same heating design to heat the bed just enough without overheating your kitty. This one however is much more plush with a soft pillow center and round walls for you cat to snuggle against. It is 16 inches in diameter, comfortable enough for most cats, but two cats or extra-large cats may find it too small.

Do You Need an Extra-Large Heated Cat Bed?

If you need an extra-large heated cat bed for your main coon or other large-breed cat, or because you have multiple cats who must share every space, then you really need to look at small dog beds.

Self warming pet bed For the cheap price, you can’t beat the K&H Self-Warming Pet Lounge Sleeper. It does not require that you plug it into an outlet.  The fabric envelopes your pet and retains your pet’s body heat. It’s plush and large enough for a couple of cats to pile in. It’s also machine washable and comes in multiple colors and prints including blue and green. It measures 16 inches by 20 inches, which is bigger than most cat beds. It is 6 inches tall.


heated pet bed dogsFor an electric heated dog bed for your large cat, the Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion also by K&H is a good buy and very comfortable, even for those cats with old bones and arthritic joints. It does have walls for your cat to rest against and measures 14 inches by 23 inches. Two to three cats could easily fit in this bed. As with all the K&H pet beds, it uses low watts and can be washed.

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