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Best Dog Treats for Bad Breath

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If your dog’s breath stinks and the veterinarian says there is not a medical cause, then you have a few options to clean your dog’s teeth and gums at home: brush your dog’s teeth, give him chew toys to clean the teeth and/or give him treats to combat the bad breath. These are some of the best dog treats for bad breath. What makes these tasty treats work well are the ingredients known to alleviate the smell, mainly parsley and mint, and the rough surface of the treat that helps brush the teeth. All these dog treats do come in different sizes for toy-sized dogs up to large breeds.

how to stop dog bad breathEnzymatic Dog Treats for Bad Breath
These dog chews are made of dried beef hide, which is abrasive enough to remove some debris from your pooch’s teeth and gums. The extra cleaning power comes from the added enzymes and chlorhexidine that coats the beefhide strips. Chlorhexidine is a commonly used antiseptic in veterinary practices that kills germs. These work so well that many veterinary offices will recommend them. If your dog doesn’t like the flavor of, or can’t tolerate chlorhexidine, C.E.T. also makes enzymatic chews without the antiseptic.


dog bad breathTropiclean Breath Dog Treats
These dog treats include dill, parsley, and mint in the ingredients, all good for improving a dog’s breath. For those dogs that need to watch their figure, these are also low calories treats.


Dog Treats for Bad BreathWheat Free Mint Bones
Several ingredients in these wheat-free bones help bad dog breath including parsley, peppermint, dill, and fennel. The main ingredients are rice four and vegetable glycerin. They are made to break down easily in the gut to reduce the risk of causing a blockage.


get rid of dog bad breath Twist Dog Treats for Oral Hygiene
These Twistix treats by N-Bone are also wheat and corn-free. They contain peppermint, chlorophyll, vanilla, and parsley. Compared to other breath mint treats for dogs, these are some of the cheapest you can buy.



Breath mints for dogs Nutri-Vet Breath and Tartar Biscuits for Dogs
Another cheap option, these biscuits have mint, parsley, and vitamins packed into a crunchy chicken-flavored treat.


Safety Tips and Warnings
As with any rawhide or other compacted dog treat, there is a risk of blockage. Dogs who eat too fast, without chewing, and/or too many at one time may not digest the treats fast enough and the treat can then cause a blockage in the digestive system.

Need more than just treats for your dog’s stinky breath?

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