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Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Products: Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

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You really can brush your dog’s teeth to get rid of Fido’s bad breath.  Just as healthy teeth and gums are good for people, using the best dog teeth cleaning products to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis is good for Fido too. It can help prevent infections and even reduce the risk for heart disease and will save you money at the veterinary office.

Here are some reviews of the most popular and bestselling dog toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Best Cheap Toothbrush for Dogs: The Nylabone Dental Kit

This is one of the cheapest options with rave reviews. It comes with peanut flavored toothpaste and a toothbrush that angles back. Dogs really enjoy the peanut flavor, which makes brushing easy.  It is helpful for reaching the back of the mouth. It also comes with a finger brush.

Best toothbrush for dogs Best Finger Brush for Dogs

For some dogs a finger brush is better tolerated. This is inserted over your finger and then you use your finger to brush the teeth and gums. Using your finger can let you really feel all the spots you are getting. What is unique about this brush is that you also have something to hold onto when it’s on your finger. This makes it more secure because you are also holding it with your hand and it’s not going to fall off inside your pet’s mouth.


How to keep your dogs teeth clean Best for Small Dogs and Even Cats

This CET Toothbrush works much better than a child’s toothbrush for small dogs and cats. It has soft bristles and allows you to reach the back of the mouth, which is hard to do with the smaller pets.


Best Electric Toothbrush for DogsBest Electric Toothbrush for Dogs

This Petosan sonic electric toothbrush comes in two sizes, on for pets under 35 pounds and one for large dogs over 35 pounds. It is quiet and will remove the debris and plaque better than a manual or finger brush.



Canine Toothpaste Flavors

Having trouble brushing your dog’s teeth? Sometimes finding the right flavor is all you need to get your dog to actually enjoy and even beg for his teeth to be cleaned. Sometimes the best dog cleaning product is the right flavored toothpaste.  Here are just some of the flavors available. If your dog turns his nose up at one or battles brushing, try another dog toothpaste flavor.


Vanilla Mint

Peanut Butter

Enzymatic Seafood


Getting rid of Dog’s Bad Breath

Keep in mind that brushing your dog’s teeth will help prevent bad breath. In mild cases of rancid doggie breath, it may greatly improve his breath. But if your dog has teeth in poor shape and/or is older and never had any dental care at home or at the vet’s office, you may not see an improvement and need professional dental care from your veterinarian.

Click here to see all the some of the best doggie breath mints!


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