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Best Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors – Keep Your Dog from Slipping On Your Hard Floors

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There may be many reasons why your dog doesn’t like your hard surface floors: the fear of slipping and falling is one of them. Some dogs you may be able to train to walk confidently around your house with lots of praise and treats. However, some dogs the fear is too great or a medical condition, such as hip or back problems, does not give them the stability they need to transverse a slick floor. For these dogs, traction control footwear will make it easier for you dog to get around the house. As a bonus, with nails covered, hardwood floors will be protected from toe nail scratches.

Protect your hardwood floors and keep your dog from slipping with these dog socks for hardwood floors.

Pawz Dog BootsPawz Dog Boots

These are disposable and reusable dog footwear designed for snow, ice, heat, and rain, but they also provide great traction control on slick surfaces. The material feels like rubber or balloon material, which gives you a sticky like traction. These do not have padding, so your dog can still feel the ground beneath his feet, making for a more natural feeling. The price is relatively cheap as each pack comes with 12 boots. Pawz Dog Boots come in various colors including orange, blue, and black and multiple sizes for small to large breed dogs.

ruffwear dog boots orangeRuffwear Dog Boots

Ruffwear makes high quality durable outdoor wear for dogs. Since these are designed for the dog with an adventurous spirit, they will last a long time and are best if you regularly take your dog hiking or camping. This Summit Trex style has a sock-like top that helps the boot stay comfortably on your dog. The soles are non-marking, so you won’t have scuff marks all over your floors. These come in 8 different sizes based on your dog’s paw width. The width is measured at the widest part of the dog’s paw. Be sure to measure both front and back paws as they are often different and you may need to buy a different size for the front feet than the back feet.

Keep Your Dog from Slipping On Your Hard FloorsUltra Paws Traction Boots for Dogs

These are specifically made to give an old dog traction when walking. They are lightweight for indoor use, but can be used outside in snow for quick trips outdoors. These work best for less active dogs who prefer the home life. If you take your dog hiking or play in the snow and rain, then the Ruffwear boots are your best bet.

Show Foot anti slip spray show dogsShow Foot Spray

This is an alternative to dog socks for the pooch who does not want to wear footwear. Show dog owners use this during shows to prevent their dogs from slipping in the ring. The best method for applying is to spray it on a towel and then blot it onto your dog’s paws. Your dog will need to stay laying down until it dries.

If you use this spray, you do need to keep your dog’s feet cleaned and groomed. Otherwise the spray can build up in the fur around the paw pads.

Tips for Using Dog Socks or Boots for Hardwood Floors

  • Use lots of treats and praise when putting socks or boots on your dog for the first time. It may take some time for him to get used to them.
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Even with the best socks or boots, dog nails can rub holes into the footwear.
  • Measure your dog’s foot while in a standing on all fours position. The paws will spread out when standing and you want the boot to accommodate this. Boots or socks that are too narrow will be uncomfortable and difficult to put on.
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