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Best Cat Toys that Move by Themselves

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Cat toys that move by themselves not only save you from spend hours waving a feather in front of your feline, they can give your cat much needed exercise when you are not even home. Although many of the best do need batteries, you can also buy cat toys that are interactive without human or battery power.

cat toys that moveTurbo Cat Scratcher Toy

This is a classic and has been a top seller in pet toys for years. That’s because cats, especially kittens, really do play with this. There’s a ball in a circular track. Your cat bats at the ball and around it goes forcing your cat to give chase. In the middle is a cardboard cat scratcher. If your kitty doesn’t immediately take an interest, put some catnip in the cardboard.


interactive cat toy

Moving Mouse Cat Toy

Replace the ball with a moving mouse and you have the best cat and mouse game. Just like the ball in the toy above, the mouse moves by itself when your cat bats at it. The scratcher in the middle is a sisal type material.



best kitten toyThe Mouse Hunt – a Realistic Cat Toy

A mouse hides under this yellow fabric circle and spontaneous pokes out only to dart back under as your cat chases it. The mouse is unpredictable in where it will show up next and slows down and speeds up unexpectedly. The fabric makes an inciting rustling noise and is thick enough to withstand cat teeth and claws. This battery powered kitty toy is perfect for hours of fun for you and kitty.


bengal cat toysCatnip Hurricane Cat Toy

This is the ultimate updated version of the Turbo Cat Scratcher Toy. In the center you place catnip. As your cat chases the balls, a breeze is created blowing the catnip smell around your cat.



laser light toy for catsAutomatic Laser Light Toy for Pets

Does your cat love the laser light game? This battery powered cat toy will send out a laser light for your kitty to chase while you are away. It has a timer and several speed options. It doesn’t just bounce in a circle, it moves in and out as it rotates making your pets guess at its next move. Put it on the ground for the laser to move close to the center and on the floor. Set it on a table for the laser to bounce farther away and on the walls.

Tip to Keep Cats Active and Healthy

To keep your cat active and interest in cat toys that move by themselves, you really need to buy a selection. Then put out only one or two at a time and hide the others. When your cat seems to get bored with one, swap it for one you had put away. Here are some more toys that will keep your cats moving.


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