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Best Battery Operated Cat Toys

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Best Battery Operated Cat Toys: Cat toys that move and make your kitty move.

Keeping cats active keeps them trim and healthy. And it can keep them from getting into trouble indoors and out and solve problem cat behaviors. With these best battery operated cat toys, you can easily keep your cat exercised without having to spend hours flipping a bird cat toy around yourself – the toy does all the work for you!

battery operated cat toysFluttering Butterfly

While not intended as a cat toy, this garden decoration does make a good battery operated cat toy. It works with both solar light and by battery so you can use it indoors or out. The fluttering is very realistic and sometimes unpredictable which awakens a cat’s instincts to hunt and pounce. The plastic butterfly does hold up well to cat attaches. Put it outside to keep your cat’s interest away from the birds or use it indoors to keep a sedate cat active. Since it’s made to stand by pushing the base into dirt, you do have to get creative indoors for setting it up for your cat or hold it yourself for play time with kitty.

battery cat toysPetSafe Flik Automatic Cat Toy

Flik exposes, and then hides a string for your cat to play with. It’s automatic and encourages a cat to get the string before Flik hides it. This 10-inch diameter cat toy is good on the floor, on a table, or wherever your cat attracts the string. Flik has adjustable settings to vary the string response and movement. Also has an adjustable timer. Some cats sit and stare at Flik waiting for it to be turned on. Powered by 3 AA batteries which aren’t included. TIP: Your cat may eat the string if he is inclined to do such things. Supervision is required with this cat toy.

automatic cat toyThe Undercover Mouse Battery Operated Cat Toy

Another top seller is the Undercover Mouse. You may have seen this on TV. This is a large circular piece of nylon fabric that contains a hidden mouse. The toy mouse with feathers attached darts in and out from under the fabric at unpredictable spots and at varying speeds.


automatic cat toyThe Fling Ama String Cat Toy

This Cat Fancy Magazine award winning toy will keep your kitten or cat coming back for more. It hooks onto any door and randomly flings a string out and pulls it back in. This is perfect for cats who like strings. They will spend hours chasing and pulling on this interactive string toy.

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