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Best Automatic Litter Box Reviews

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These best automatic litter box reviews are for the ones that will keep the box clean at all times, contain the smell, and not frighten your cat with sudden movement or loud noises. Although pricier than a standard litter box for cats, these are a good idea if you work long hours and cannot scoop the box daily or just dread the daily scooping chore. The self-scooping litter box will do the chores for you. These are top sellers and favored by many cat owners.

Best automatic litter box reviewsThe Fully Electric Cat Litter Box – Let the Robot Do the Job

This self-cleaning litter box admittedly has an odd design (robot head on a tray containing used litter), but comes with a happy customer base. Cats enter the robot’s head, do their business, and leave. Seven minutes later the robot head spins to scoop out the waste and deposit it into a container below. Once or twice a week you empty the container and top off with clean litter as needed.

This is one of the more expensive automatic litter boxes for cats on the market. But its popularity is rising among those that have tried others and found this to be their favorite. Its quiet and does a good job of only removing all the waste litter while leaving the clean litter behind. In the long run this can save you money as the litter will last longer.

The unit activates a timer once it detects a cat has entered the box. Once that weight has left the box, the seven minute timer starts. The unit will only detect cats that weigh at least 5 pounds. For kittens, you will need to use the manual buttons to activate the cleaning rotation.

Once you get past the price tag for an automatic litter box, you’ll see this is really genius. It can actually save you money and solve some of your litter box problems.

Self scooping litter box ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box Review – Good for Small and Large Cats

The ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box is a more budget friendly system. This system uses a specially formulated crystal. Once the cat leaves the box, a rake pushes solid waste into a tray. The litter sits in a disposable pan. When it needs changing, all you have to do is remove the tray and replace with a new one that includes clean litter. Then toss the used tray and all its contents in the garbage.

This is a best seller because the crystals do a good job of containing the smell, solid waste does get removed as expected, and it’s easy to change out the trays when needed. However, its initial lower price of around $100 comes with a monthly expense of new litter tray purchases. At about $15 each, if you have several cats, this one won’t save you money in the long run as compared to the Litter-Robot. If you have two cats, you may need to replace the tray once a week. However, large cats and timid cats may be more likely to use this large open box over the enclosed Litter-Robot.

Automatic litter box Omega Paw Automatic Litter Box Review

The Omega Paw automatic litter box gets a mention on the best list for its affordability. This is the best cheap self cleaning litter box. However, it’s doesn’t quite clean itself. Although it also does not require scooping to clean it. More of a hybrid litter box, you roll the box from side to side manually to separate the waste kitty litter, which gets dumped into a removable tray. Pull the tray out and empty and your box is once again clean.

With a self-scooping litter box for cats, the kitty box is always clean, keeping humans and finicky kitties in the household happy. The constant removal of waste can help cats with litter box aversion feel the need to use the litter box, and may be the solution you need for your cat’s litter box problems.

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