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Babble Ball Toy for Pet Parrots

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The Talking Babble Ball by PetQwerks is marketed towards dogs, but it makes a fantastic parrot toy that will keep your bird active, possibley confused, and you amused. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The large is a good size for a small to medium bird such as a lovebird or Amazon as they shouldn’t be able to take a good bite out of the ball, but a macaw will need close supervision as he can, and probably will, crack it open.

Does Your Pet Bird Really Need a Babble Ball?

Every parrot needs constant stimulation for good health and this ball can be a great tool to help keep your parrot healthy with exercise and mental stimulation. You can hang the Talking Babble Ball for your bird to attack while perched or place it on the ground for a game of interactive and chatty soccer. Do supervise your bird as it’s not designed to withstand strong parrot beaks. However if your bird starts to think this is an egg, you probably should remove it as that can bring on unwanted hormones and aggression.


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